Message on Anti-Asian Racism

May 3, 2021
We often believe racism prevails in the United States, but it is also prevalent in Canada. Anti-Asian hate is present in Toronto, as a member recalls an experience last summer walking down the street and a man on a bike shouted racial slurs, referencing her Chinese heritage. The Vancouver Police Department report 717% increase in anti-Asian hate crime. According the Chinese Canadian National Council 11% of 1,150 cases of racist attacks involved unwanted touching or physical assault. 

This story is similar to so many marginalized groups targeted for the colour of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and age. 

Toronto CREW stands in solidarity with the Asian-Canadian community. We hear you and we denounce racist ideas, behaviours, actions and any forms of oppression.

Let’s work together for understanding, respect, and sensitivity when it comes to those who are different from ourselves. We can lift one another up in times of fear while standing together against hatred and violence of any kind. 

It is the power of inclusion that strengthens us on our mission to support all members to thrive as we move forward together towards a bright future of tomorrow. Toronto CREW plans to use our platform through our communication, our dollars and our actions to dismantle racism and affect systemic change. Through activities such as education, elevating and celebrating of diverse voices so that we can continue to build the inclusive future of tomorrow. We cannot be complacent.  

Please take action:
  • Report the incident.
  • Educate yourself via webinars and/or readings.
  • Raise the issue with your family, friends and colleagues.

Resources and Organizations

To report incidents of racism, please contact local police department and/or at which is a national project funded by the Government of Canada. 

Asian Canadian Labour Alliance:  Elle Canada Article: Here's How You Can Support the Asian Community Right Now

University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy:  CTV News video: Fight racism in all forms: How you can help Asian communities right now

Website: Anti-Asian Violence Resources