Webinar Recap

Insights into Real Estate Investments & Leadership

October 20, 2020
On October 20, KingSett Capital leaders Jon Love, Founder & CEO and Anna Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, shared their words of wisdom and lessons learned about their career paths, real estate investments, leadership, managing the tough times, diversity and inclusion, and moving through COVID-19. Here are some event highlights.

Words of Wisdom from the Early Years
  • Act with transparency, clarity, and integrity.
  • Consult then decide.
  • Be bold.
  • Inspire confidence.
  • Do the right thing no matter how difficult or unpopular.
  • Look at it differently and it will change.

Lessons Learned during Defining Career Transactions
  • Execution in speed and intensity was everything.
  • Look after the company and the stock will look after itself.
  • Select the right stakeholders.

Diversity & Inclusion
  • A diverse team inspires better decisions.
  • Mentoring and coaching are everyday activities.
  • Provide immediate feedback.
  • Recognize contributions.
  • Respect and accommodation provide a work-life balance.

Moving through COVID-19
  • Mentorship, creativity, and innovation is difficult to do online.
  • Humans need to congregate socially and at work.
  • We will meet again.
  • Advice to My Younger Self
  • Stay true to your values.
  • Take one day at a time.
  • Spend less time second-guessing yourself.
  • Build a broad network.
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Thank you to KingSett Capital for presenting this Signature event.