Webinar Recap

Elevate Your Career Part 2 - Career Brand

June 24, 2020
On June 24, 2020, Highview Partners co-founders, Nicola Denning-Millar and James Ashley, presented Elevate Your Career Part 2 – Career Brand. This webinar focused on creating an authentic digital brand to reflect your unique attributes, qualities, skills and experience.

This webinar followed Elevate Your Career Part 1 – Motivations and Value that reviewed the employer perspective and challenges when hiring and the steps to identify your work performance motivations and value to articulate your career value proposition. 

Career Brand outlined a process using the outputs of Part 1 to build an authentic and inspiring message that clearly communicates your exceptional and compelling career story.

After an overview about the workings and learning resources of LinkedIn, presenters reviewed what to consider in creating a strong digital career profile.The webinar wrapped up with an important caveat - employers will check all your social media platforms. Make sure your social presence aligns so your brand looks and feels the same. 

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