Event Recap

REAL Jobs Lunchbox Chat


June 17, 2020
On June 17, the REAL Jobs Day team launched the first Lunchbox Chat featuring moms and their kids discussing CRE roles in Technology and Analytics, Law and Facilities Maintenance and Operations.

 After being introduced by their kids, moms described their responsibilities and the skills needed to do their jobs. Top skills include computer literacy and problem-solving for Technology & Analytics, reading and writing for Law, and organizational and math skills for Facilities Maintenance & Operations. The common skills all moms have to do there jobs are good communication and strong interpersonal skills. Kids described their mom's success factors that included determination, willingness to help others and being outspoken. 
After the presentations, the kids developed the word cloud shown above using the words they heard during the presentations.

Will these youngsters be following in their mom's footsteps?  The kids expressed potential careers in architecture, medicine, sports team management and even a circus  performer!

The families shared their tips for work-life balance like daily bike rides, walks and ordering take-out once a week to support local restaurants and to try some new cuisines. Moms emphasized that while routine is important, being flexible and not being too hard on kids or themselves is important to remember during this unusual home-focused time.
The kids shared all the online platforms they are using to stay connected. Zoom, Skype, Portal from Facebook and Houseparty were highlighted. As for the "new" gadget kids most want these days - a TV in their bedroom!

A big thank you to moms Karen Sweet, Technology & Analytics, Rosalynn Wallace, Law and Simone O'Mathuna, Facilities Maintenance and Operations, and their amazing kids for participating in this lively lunchtime chat.