CREW Network Convention Speaking Opportunities

February 24, 2020
Are you interested in becoming a speaker at the 2020 CREW Network Convention in Austin?

Please see below for the list of topics for the CREW Convention.

Industrial Innovation: Keeping Up with E-Commerce Fulfillment 
  • Objective: Understand how the growing demand for on-demand is impacting commercial real estate. Looking for speakers that can discuss the trends, discuss a case study, impacts to CRE and how it may impact business.  
Adaptive Reuse: Tapping Value from Obsolescence
  • Objective: Learn best practices to achieve a successful adaptive reuse outcome by reviewing case studies of successes and failures. Need speakers who can discuss significant case studies from conceptualization to execution.    
The War for Talent
  • How to create a work environment that maximizes the performances of a multi-generational workforce: there are 5 generations in the American workforce today (Gen Z to Baby Boomers) 
  • Impact of the millennial generation
  • Hiring the next generation of leaders
  • CRE as a competitive edge in recruitment/retention strategy (
  • Importance of a flexible and compelling workplace experience 
  • How companies can design and organize workspace to attract and retain young talent, while satisfying the needs of older generations within the workplace
The Complexities of Cannabis
  • Objective: Understand how the legalization of cannabis is/will affect CREW members’ markets and businesses.  Showcasing Canadian examples will allow our American friends to learn from us.  Looking for speakers from a legal, brokerage, lending, accounting/tax, and development /planning perspectives.  
Healthcare in Your Handbag: How Health and Lifestyle are Impacting CRE
  • Understand how the evolving healthcare real estate industry will affect CREW members’ markets and businesses. This is something we deal with less than the US, but we may have some Canadian expertise here.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  
2020: Trends in Construction
  • Understand the trends that will impact the construction industry in 2020. A good place to show case RECENT Canadian advances in wood construction, passive house, step energy code discussion, integration of technology into the retail space, drones, 3D printing etc. Sustainability and modular or pre-fab construction… 
Multifamily Risk-Mitigation, Future Proofing & ROI
  • Understanding how to design, build and manage commercial and multifamily properties that have lasting flexibility, functionality and appeal.
Come On Back…to the Office
  • Understand the CRE impact and the opportunities available as employers call remote employees back to the office.
Retail Update: Winners vs Losers
  • What have been the strategies that have yielded success and where is the next shift taking CRE industry.  
Expressions of interest should be sent to Jessica Karpat at