Community Outreach & Giving: Did You Know?

August 13, 2018
Did You Know?

Toronto CREW is proud to support Interpreter Services Toronto (IST) as one of the three local programs supported as part of our philanthropy initiatives.  

This important group trains and employs immigrants and former refugees to provide various services such as interpretation, translation, immediate over-the-phone translation and deaf interpreter over video.  All of these services recognize cultural sensitivities and provide comfort during emotionally charged situations which include language barriers.  With the help of Toronto CREW, IST had an outstanding year of growth in 2016-2017. The enterprise included many new improvements such as Video Remote Interpretation (access to a deaf interpreter over video) the first of it's kind in Canada.

We will be partnering with IST on November 2nd for a morning panel session that will include a networking portion. For more information on IST please visit their website at  Please stay tuned for further details about the event.