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Zainab Fayyaz    


Where do you work and what is your role there?

I am a lawyer with McCarthy Tetrault's Real Property & Planning Group.

What areas of commercial real estate do you specialize in?

I have a broad commercial real estate law practice, including purchase and sale transactions, secured financing and leasing.

What do you find is most satisfying or challenging in your role?

With each closing, I find it satisfying to know that I am helping my clients accomplish their business goals. I also appreciate that my work gives me the opportunity to work on complex projects and learn something new everyday.

How long have you been a CREW member and what do you get most out of being a member?

As a new member, I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at future events and making new connections with the dynamic and friendly members of Toronto CREW.

I would like CREW members to call me whenever they need . . .

.…networking and any type of legal advice. I would be happy to answer any questions that I can or direct you to one of my colleagues who may specialize in the particular area that you may have questions about.

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