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Leigh Rosar  

Where do you work and what is your role there?

I work for A1 Counting Solutions as the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.  I am responsible for Corporate Marketing planning and cross-channel execution -  from trade show participation to advertising and social media strategies - to ensure an optimized brand presence in the markets we serve.  Additionally, I am responsible for A1's overall growth strategy through demand generation programming and direct sales and account management activities. 

A1 offers people counting, customer Wi-Fi analytics systems and parking guidance platforms for all types of facilities including shopping centers, casino's, transportation hubs/airports, office towers and more, these systems help our partners understand their customer habits so that they can maximize the value of their assets through efficient operations and data driven decisions.

What areas of commercial real estate do you specialize in?

My background in commercial real estate started when I joined a Management Trainee program with Ivanhoe Cambridge (Cambridge Shopping Centres at the time) 23 years ago! I held positions in marketing and operations at the shopping centre level and then spent the bulk of my career in head office roles focused on sponsorships and marketing.  Currently with A1, we help our landlord partners by providing the systems and analysis tools to help them understand their customer behaviors better so that they can optimize their asset operations for maximum return.  

What do you find is most challenging or satisfying in your role?

What I love about my role at A1 is being able to use my background in commercial real estate to help our customers come up with unique ways to use the equipment and technologies we offer to solve their unique problems or objectives.  Our product is not "one size fits all", so I enjoy the process of really getting to know what my partners are trying to achieve and ultimately helping them to do so!

How long have you been a CREW member and what do you get most out of being a member?

I am new to Toronto CREW but have been aware of it for some time; I'm very pleased that I was finally able to join and have already identified a couple of committees that I look forward to being a part of.

I would like CREW members to call me whenever they need . . .

Information or assistance on people counting and Wi-Fi analytic technologies, as well as parking guidance systems.  I'm happy to share how these different technologies work and can add value through enhanced efficiencies and customer experiences.  



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